"Providing quality Pain Management to patients across the Washington Metro Area."

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WELCOME to the Washington metro pain institute! Our staff extends our most heartfelt greetings to you and promise to give you the most quality care available in the Washington, DC.metro area in treatment of chronic and acute pain. You or your loved one will receive a multidisciplinary approach to pain which will be individualized to best fit your needs and lifestyle.

Washington metro pain institute is an interventional pain management practice devoted to the treatment of painful conditions, whether acute and/or chronic, to improve pain, function, and enhance quality of life.

We provide a comprehensive management of your pain condition using the latest advanced and cutting edge interventional procedures.

At Washington Metro Pain Institute, we have dedicated staff, a fully equipped Operating room with Fluoro Machine, a C- arm table and a Radiofrequency generator.

Anesthesia is also provided to perform the procedures.

The procedures are done at the Hanover Parkway Surgery Center, a modern, state licensed, Medicare certified and AAAHC approved facility. 
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Washington Metro Pain Institute

Haddis T. Hagos, M.D.